What is Sunshine + Microbes?

Sunshine + Microbes explores food, fermentation, and climate change from sunny South Florida. Chef and fermentation pro Jackie Vitale and journalist Matt Levin write a weekly newsletter filled with original recipes, practical kitchen ideas, and investigations of how what we eat impacts the world around us.

We will approach healthy eating as part Michael Pollan, part Italian grandma, and part 1970s commune hippie. Expect a lot of vegetables, whole grains, fermented foods, and absolutely no guilt, fear-mongering, or deprivation. Most importantly, expect the recipes to taste amazing.

We want to use the newsletter to have sensible conversations about surprisingly complex subjects like eating healthy and sustainable living. Get in touch! Tell us what you think. Ask questions. We want to hear your own ideas about food, fermentation and the sustainability. 

What can I expect in each issue?

Each week Jackie will have a freshly tested recipe that integrates Florida fare, or, she’ll highlight a kitchen technique, such as the right way to caramelize onions or an in-depth guide to culturing your own butter (totally worth it, btw).

We’ll also discuss a wide variety of topics, like:

  • Advice on reducing waste ♻️

  • Answers to reader mail 📬

  • Calls to action ☎️

  • Debunking food myths 🙅

  • Gardening tips and tricks 🌱

  • Links to important food news 📰

  • Mouth-watering recipes 🤤

  • Q&As with experts 🎙

  • SoFla spotlight on local chefs 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Is it free?

It is free! Every Thursday an issue of Sunshine + Microbes issue will land in your inbox with the latest recipe plus salt and pepper, to taste. Eventually we will be launching a paid edition of Sunshine + Microbes in addition to the weekly issue. The premium Sunshine + Microbes will feature a once-a-month deep-dive on a fruit or veggie that’s in season in South Florida and including several recipes for those fresh ingredients.