What is Sunshine + Microbes?

Sunshine + Microbes explores food through the lens of culture, climate, and justice. Cook, baker, and fermentation pro Jackie Vitale and journalist Matt Levin write a newsletter filled with original recipes, practical kitchen ideas, and investigations of how what we eat connects us to and impacts the world around us.

We want to use the newsletter to have sensible conversations about the surprising complexities around what we eat. Get in touch! Tell us what you think. Ask questions. We want to hear your own ideas about food, fermentation and the sustainability. 

What can I expect in each issue?

  • a look at what is happening in the wider worlds of food and environment

  • stories from Jackie’s kitchen

  • links to fascinating food and environment stories from around the web

  • Recipes that highlights Florida fare or fermentation fun!

Is it free?

It is free! One day we might offer a paid option. We shall see.

Recipe Archive

If you’re looking for a recipe from a previous issue, they’re all listed here in our recipe archive.